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How Air Conditioners Work Estero FL

How Air Conditioners Work

Estero How Air Conditioners Work
How Air Conditioners Work in and near Estero Florida

How Air Conditioners Work in Estero

A/C 101 in Estero: The Typical air conditioning unit is a Split System. You have an air handler inside the house and a condensing unit outside the house.

Those two pieces of equipment are connected by copper refrigerant lines that carry the refrigerant from one to the other.
The indoor unit has an evaporator coil, resembles a radiator on a car. It also has a fan.
The outdoor unit has a condenser coil, a fan and a compressor.

The compressor, compresses the refrigerant into a hot gas and shoots it through the condenser coil, while the outdoor fan moves air through the coil to remove the heat from the refrigerant. The cooler refrigerant condenses into liquid refrigerant. That's who it's called the condenser.

The cooled liquid refrigerant is then send inside via the refrigerant lines to the evaporator coil in the air handler. It then hit's the metering devise which breaks the refrigerant into a saturated vapor at a much lower pressure and temperature. The fan in the air handler then blows the air in the house across that coil. The heat in the air is transferred into the refrigerant which boils it off into a gas and goes back into the compressor. The air on the other side of the coil is 15-20degrees cooler than the air going in.

That is how the heat in the house is removed. It is transported through the copper refrigerant lines like a super highway for heat, removed from your house and dumped outside.

The water in your house is also removed by your evaporator coil in the air handler. The coil is cold, so as the air from the house passes over it, the water in the air condenses onto the coil and goes out the drain system.

This is why airflow across both coils is crucial:
- clean coils
- clean filter
- clean drain system
- don't block condenser coil with trash cans or foliage  

How Air Conditioners Work Estero FL

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Estero How Air Conditioners Work
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