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New home AC Inspection

Don't Let Purchasing Your Dream Home Turn into a Waking Nightmare...

AC Inspections For New Home

Before You Sign...Call Juli Klein!

When you are about to purchase a new home, it’s absolutely essential to have an HVAC technician inspect the air conditioning system. Unfortunately, many homeowners and real estate agents will not disclose pre-existing issues with the air conditioner and/or ventilation system prior to selling the home. And once you sign on that dotted line, it becomes YOUR problem! A problem that could easily cost you $10,000+ for an entire system replacement.

By having a professional HVAC technician perform a thorough inspection of the home’s entire air conditioning system (air conditioner, drain system, ductwork, electrical wiring, etc.), you can use any newfound information regarding the condition of the AC system to negotiate on the final sale price, saving you big bucks and avoiding major headaches down the road.

Why Do You Need a Separate Inspection for the Air Conditioning System?

The problem is that, quite frankly, a home inspector has neither the tools, nor the technical expertise to properly inspect an air conditioning system.

Sadly, I have had countless homeowners call me, not even two weeks after purchasing their dream home, and now the air conditioning system that had passed "inspection" has unexpectedly failed.

Our professional HVAC technicians have the knowledge to pinpoint and thoroughly document any potential issues within your air conditioning system, saving you thousands of dollars at the closing table.

Remember, before you sign on the dotted Juli Kleincall Juli Klein!