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Good Indoor Air Quality

Why is Indoor Air Quality Important?

EPA studies have found that indoor environments oftentimes have HIGHER levels of pollutants than those found outside.

Air purification-products

The most important goal of any indoor air quality system is to minimize the presence of contaminants and pollutants inside.

There are three types of pollutants that affect indoor air quality:

1. Biological Contaminants
Biological contaminants include bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, dust mites, allergens, pet/animal dander, pollen, and even airborne viruses. Indoor biological contaminants can pose a serious risk to those occupying a building by triggering allergic reaction and even asthma attacks.

2. Chemical Pollutants
Chemical pollutants can be especially dangerous. Chemical byproducts of combustion (nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, etc.), tobacco smoke, accidental chemical spills and emissions from everyday household items such as cleaning products can be potentially fatal and have long been known to cause severe respiratory problems, especially for the elderly and young children.

3. Particles
Airborne particles can wreak havoc on an individual's entire respiratory system; and because they are usually odorless, as well as invisible to the naked eye, you could be breathing in potentially hazardous particles without even knowing it! Dust, dirt and particles that result from construction, operating equipment or smoking can either be drawn in from outside via the ventilation system or produced from within the building itself. Prolonged exposure to airborne particles has been proven to cause life-threatening illness and even death.

If You Can See Airborne Particulates in the Sunshine...It's Time To Call Juli Klein!

Juli Klein's AC Services can inspect your HVAC system and determine what is necessary to improve your indoor air quality. The most important factors that go into keeping your home or commercial buildings' air clean and safe are moisture/humidity control (high levels of moisture and dirt particles allow fungi and dangerous mold to thrive inside the ductwork, and even the building itself), the proper maintenance of your HVAC system and regularly changing your ventilation system's filter.

There is nothing as essential to life as the very air we breathe. If you suspect your home or business may have an issue with air quality, act quickly. Florida state law requires that only a State-Licensed Contractor is allowed to inspect your air conditioning system, and rightfully so. Juli Klein's AC Service is your best choice for the prompt and professional service that an issue this serious (and potentially life-threatening) demands.