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How Do I Know When It's Time To Replace My Old Air Conditioning System?

Trane A\C Unit

If Your AC is More Than 8 Years Old, Especially Here in Southwest Florida, Then It's Likely More Cost-Effective to Replace It Than to Have It Repaired!

The technological advances in the HVAC industry over the past decade have been quite tremendous. In 2010 air conditioner manufacturers were required to switch to a new, non-CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) refrigerant that is more energy-efficient and better for the environment. In fact, a new air conditioner will cost on average 30-60% less to run and will actually keep you cooler than your old, outdated air conditioning system (saving you BIG money on your electrical bill).

Prior to pulling the trigger on a new AC replacement, it is essential that you have your ductwork thoroughly evaluated. Since the average home's ductwork is responsible for the loss of 10-30% of the air produced by your air conditioner (before it even reaches the building's interior!), you should ALWAYS have an HVAC technician perform a leakage test and seal any/all gaps in the system ahead of installing a new air conditioning unit.

Another major consideration in the decision-making process of air conditioner replacement is properly determining the correctly-sized unit for your space via a load-calculating test. In addition to dramatically dropping your potential energy-savings, an over-sized air conditioner unit is liable to do a lot more harm than good.

Larger units cost more, do not efficiently dehumidify the air (encouraging fungi and mildew growth) and cool the air flowing through far more quickly than is necessary, causing components to wear out prematurely as a result of the frequent switching between ON/OFF cycles.

Time To Replace Your Old AC?

Everything Will Be Fine...Just Call Juli Klein!

After running a number of tests and inspecting your HVAC system in its entirety we can recommend the best AC system for your unique space and cooling needs, help you decide on the best thermostat, with or without humidity controls, (including SMART Home and WiFi connected options, allowing you to adjust your temperature setting from anywhere in the world) for your particular needs and answer any questions you may have throughout the entire process with professionalism and integrity.

Juli Klein's AC Services only employs expert HVAC technicians and does NOT utilize commission-based compensation systems. We will always provide you with written quote and never attempt to upsell you to an oversized air conditioning system or talk you into any unnecessary upgrades.

So if your air conditioner has finally called it quits, REELAAAX...everything will be fine, just call Juli Kleincall Juli Klein!