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Duct Work

Is It Really Necessary to Have My Ductwork Cleaned?

If So, How Often Should I have My Ductwork Cleaned?

Having your HVAC system's ductwork cleaned regularly is an integral part of maintaining the integrity of your indoor air quality.

Experts recommend that ductwork is cleaned once every 2-5 years, to keep your AC system running at peak efficiency.

Not only will a professional ductwork cleaning improve indoor air quality and reduce potentially harmful particulates from inundating the air you breathe, it will also give you an opportunity to have the entirety of your ventilation system inspected.

Thus allowing your HVAC technician to identify potential issues before they become major, and very costly, problems.

There are three main reasons to have your ductwork cleaned and/or replaced:

1. There is substantial, visible mold growth on the sheet metal that forms the exterior of your ducts or on any other of the various components of your air conditioning and ventilation system.

(NOTE: If the insulation around your insulated air ducts gets wet or moldy it can NOT be cleaned effectively, and will require you to replace your home's ductwork in its entirety. Keep in mind that if the underlying issue(s) that is encouraging the growth of mold is not remedied, no amount of cleaning can prevent it from coming back.)

2. If your ductwork has become infested with rodents, insects or any other type of vermin, you need to get a professional ductwork cleaning ASAP!

3. Your ducts have become so clogged with excessive levels of dirt, debris or dust that there are particulates being released from your vents into your home or commercial building.

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Since many areas of your ductwork are simply inaccessible, rendering it impossible for you to visually inspect a potential problem-area (e.g. mold infestation), it is absolutely necessary to be sure that whomever you elect to perform a professional cleaning of your ductwork is an experienced, thoroughly-vetted HVAC technician, not a commission-based salesperson.

At Juli Klein's AC Services, we pride ourselves on attention to detail, respect and integrity. If you believe your current air conditioning system may be in need of a repair or require servicing, you need to hire a well-established and honest air conditioning company with a proven track record.